Where should I place my AmpliFi router and mesh points for best performance?




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    Eric Jensen

    It would be easier to understand if you explained location in terms of actual distance in real world situations. If you said, place the mesh point no further than 50 feet from the router, that's easy to understand. Also, the whole, each mesh point covers 6000 sq. ft thing sounds great, but what's the furthest distance from the mesh point that you can expect to get a signal. Also, place everything in the center of your house is ideal, but every house I know has their cable coming in through an outside wall, making it almost impossible to put the router in the center of the house. Maybe showing a graphic of how the router and the mesh points work together with a type of signal "heat map" showing concentric circles emanating from the router and mesh points would be a way to help people understand how these systems work. 

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    Kevin Netherton

    I agree with Eric that every house I've ever lived in had the cable coming in at the side of the home, with little to no option to run cable to the middle of the house so that the router can be located there.  It's my understanding that these mesh points can be used in a "router->mesh point->mesh point" setup, meaning the mesh points can piggy back off of another mesh point signal. If not, I may be sending them back.  

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