Configuring a Guest Network: Advanced Settings

When you set up your new AmpliFi router, you may also want to set up a guest network for friends and family. See the FAQ: How do I set up and configure a guest network?

If you want to configure advanced settings for your guest network, then perform these steps:

  1. Open the AmpliFi app.
  2. Tap Guest at the bottom of the screen.
  3. On the Guest screen, you can configure the following:
    • Guest Wi-Fi: You can enable or disable the guest network.
    • Guest Number: You can change the number of guests to allow at one time.
    • Time Limit: You can set a time limit for guest access.
  4. Tap Settings.
  5. The Wireless screen appears. Scroll down to the Guest section. You can configure the following:
    • SSID: You can change the name of your guest network.
    • Security: Select the type of wireless security you use: None, WPA PSK, or WPA2 PSK. None is the default.
    • Password: If you selected WPA PSK or WPA2 PSK security, then you can change the password.
    • Verify Password: If you change the password, enter it again to verify it.
    • Show Password: Tap the control to display or hide the password on this screen.
    • Hide SSID: Tap the control to display or hide the SSID (name of the guest network).
  6. Tap ✓ to save your settings.
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