What model of AmpliFi is best for my home?

When considering which of our model options to purchase for your home, please take a few details into consideration before making your selection. These details are:

AmpliFi - The base model of AmpliFi is designed for simpler internet users who are are wanting a quick and easy solution to range and dead spot issues. We recommend our base model to homes that have average to above average internet traffic with multiple wireless devices throughout the home.

AmpliFi LR - The LR model of AmpliFi was designed for homes and lifestyles that go above and beyond the average router. Doubling the coverage area of the base model, the LR packs a punch when trying to reach dead zones in the home.

AmpliFi HD - Our HD system is our most powerful router that we offer in our AmpliFi product line. With the same area coverage as the LR, the HD doesn't hesitate covering dead zones all while offering a faster, more powerful performance in the home.

How big is your home and how is your home designed?

  • Mesh technology that is found in AmpliFi works well in many home sizes and designs. All of our models are meant to cover large areas of the home with ease. By "meshing" or wirelessly connecting multiple mesh points together, you can customize the coverage in your home. Please see our system specifications page in our quick start guides for each individual model under documentation HERE: Documentation, FAQ.

How intense is your internet traffic on your network? How many devices will be connected to your network wirelessly?

  • Depending on the internet traffic and devices in your home, the decision on which AmpliFi unit you choose will define the experience you have overall. Homes that have devices all linked together through the internet in the home can be effected if the router's performance lacks in area coverage and reliability. We recommend our AmpliFi HD model for homes that need the maximum area coverage with many devices throughout the home.

If more information is needed to decide on which AmpliFi model is right for you, please feel free to contact our 24/7 chat support team or call us at +1(855) 906-8585 Monday-Fridays, 9am-5pm MST.

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