How do I replace my AmpliFi through warranty?

Do you need a warranty replacement of your AmpliFi hardware?

Please read the following article to assist you with this process.  If you haven't already, please utilize the AmpliFi support team via 24/7 chat, daytime phone, or email to attempt resolving the issues with your existing hardware.  If support has diagnosed your issue as hardware related, please use the following AmpliFi "Return Merchandise Authorization" Request Form to begin this process.

Tip: When filling out the form, double check all your information to ensure the form can be processed.


Common questions about the RMA form and process:

Q: How long does the RMA process usually take?

A: The replacement process can vary depending on processing and shipping. Please allow 5-7 business days for this process to finalize.


Q: Where can I find the "Date Code" and "MAC Address"?

A: The "Date Code" and "MAC Address" can be located in multiple locations. Please see the images below for examples:

On Box


On Mesh Points


Q: How can I get an update on my replacement status?

A: Please feel free to email the RMA team for updates regarding your replacement HERE:

Q: Which product do I choose on the replacement form?

A: Product Code Translation:

  • AFi - Base AmpliFi kit (USD $199.99)
  • AFi-HD - HD AmpliFi kit (USD $349.99)
  • AFi-LR - LR AmpliFi kit (USD $299.99)
  • AFi-R - Standalone HD Router, White (USD $149.99)
  • AFi-R-BK - Standalone HD Router, Black (USD $149.99)
  • AFi-P-HD - Standalone HD Mesh Point (USD $129.99)


Our 24/7 chat support agents are always available to help. Please contact us with any additional questions that you may have.



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