Does AmpliFi have a web interface?




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    You cannot monitor with a browser. Support says this is still in development.

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    Aaron Jacoby

    Thanks Mike. User Guide is being updated to reflect this change: 

    "Yes, you can configure your AmpliFi network using a web browser on your PC or Mac, as well as any iOS or Android device."

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    Geoff Brock

    Also worth noting, you can't monitor when offsite (even through the app).

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    Aaron Jacoby

    Noted Geoff, thanks for your feedback :)

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    Dale Visser

    I wish I'd known the web interface was limited to initial setup when I purchased. Luckily, my wife has an iPhone.

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    Dave Joyce

    Currently web interface does allow access with wifi password and then allows you to set the connection type only (ie DHCP,Static or PPPoE). Not exactly feature rich.

    Also beware, my kit had an LR mesh point go bad in a week and you cannot use a mesh point from another kit, support kept pushing toward HD "stand alone" mesh point for another $159.95. Apparently in a kit mesh points are hard wired!

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    Hey Dave, just sent you an email. We dont have any record of you reaching out to support at all. I hope you know we have a warrenty and replace stff that goes bad ASAP! and where did you see $160? they are $129 :) 

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    Brian McHenry

    Worth noting that you can now manage your Amplifi remotely via the app.

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    AmpliFi Support

    Thanks for your comment, Brian, we've updated the article.

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    Henry Lipsey

    Will you be building an app for OS X?

    I'm also waiting for the ability to configure via web interface.



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