Firmware Release Notes

Here are the release notes for AmpliFi firmware:


  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Security enhancement


  • Added QoS options for Wi-Fi client prioritization based on gaming, streaming, or normal Internet usage
  • Touchscreen performance enhancement


  • Remote management using your Facebook or Google profile
  • Improved automatic band selection
  • Touchscreen performance enhancement


  • Parental controls (Family Profiles)
  • Router's touchscreen can now be used to upgrade firmware and add MeshPoints
  • LAN port status available through the Router's touchscreen
  • Automatic band selection for Wi-Fi Mesh links (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • Improved Wi-Fi channel selection
  • Improved interoperability with Plex Media Server
  • Improved NAT throughput for some usage scenarios
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements


  • Enhanced support for legacy Wi-Fi devices


  • Mesh functionality enhancements
  • UPnP fix
  • LCD improvements
  • Wi-Fi legacy mode optimization


  • Improved Internet connectivity checking
  • Improved NAT performance
  • Added port forwarding range feature
  • Added Mesh Point pause feature
  • Resolved a DHCP configuration issue 
  • Wi-Fi stability and compatibility improvements

Use the AmpliFi app to update the firmware for your devices.

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  • 4
    Chris Melson

    This information is dated

    Edit: This appears to be being kept up to date now.

    Edited by Chris Melson
  • 0
    Jason Sesler

    Is there a place to see what is coming in the next release?

  • 1
    Daniel Osers

    Indeed - it would be good to see some updates from time to time? Most of the FAQs are quite outdated, and the manuals etc haven't been updated to reflect the current offerings. 

    A timeline or planned pipeline for firmware and other news would be really helpful!

  • 2

    Request X Developer team ->  ;)

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