Remote Access: How To

Remote access has come to AmpliFi! We are proud to introduce the ability to access your AmpliFi router from anywhere at any time. Using our AmpliFi application, this is possible. Please follow these steps to setup remote access on your AmpliFi:

(Before remote access can be accessed, we need to make sure that your router and app are fully up to date. Please check that your firmware is updated to 2.0.0 or newer. Android app 1.3 or newer.)

1. Open the AmpliFi app.

2. A pop-up message will appear introducing remote access. It will give you the option to sign in with either your Facebook or Google's credentials. Signing in to either of these platforms is required for remote access setup. (If this pop-up does not appear, see additional steps located after step 3.)


Ex. Google sign in procedure. Login with the email address and password of the Google account you would like to use.


* Tap continue once the setup procedure has completed.


3. To check that remote access has been enabled, turn off the Wi-Fi on your device. You can now access the AmpliFi router and its settings outside of the network.


*Additional Steps - If you did not receive the pop-up message to begin the remote access setup, you can access these steps from the side-menu of the app.



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    So now that it's set up, how do you access the router remotely?

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    Daniel Osers

    Super Easy; you just log in with your Google or Facebook account (once for each app/per device you have the app on), and it then 'just works'; i.e. you open the app and it'll connect remotely the same way it does if on your home wifi

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