Ethernet Wired Backhaul: How To

You requested and we listened.  Ethernet wired backhaul is here and fully supported!

What it is:

Backhaul is the behind-the-scenes communication between your AmpliFi WiFi hardware.  If you have any AmpliFi router serving as your primary router and an AmpliFi Standalone Mesh Router (AFi-R) serving as a mesh point, those two have been talking to each other wirelessly.  If that connection is weak due to dense walls, or if you wish it could reach a greater distance, you can now connect them via an ethernet cable for a perfect and reliable connection regardless of obstructions.  This can be useful when trying to extend your network to a nearby guest house or to the opposite side of a dense wall.

How to do it:

For these steps, we will be using the example of hardwiring a factory reset Standalone Mesh Router (AFi-R) to a previously configured AFi-HD kit.

1. Make sure your AmpliFi app is up to date and open the app.

2. Connect to the network broadcast by your AFi-HD kit.

3. Plug in your Standalone Mesh Router (AFi-R) and wait for the hardware to complete the boot cycle.

4. In the System / Overview page of the app, wait for the "New Mesh Point Detected - Add to Network" pairing message to appear.  Follow these setup steps and first wirelessly pair the AFi-R to your AFi-HD kit.

5. Once the AFi-R has wirelessly paired, select the new wirelessly meshed AFi-R icon from the System / Overview page to open the settings.

6. From these settings, locate the "Ethernet Backbone" toggle. Before toggling this on, connect your ethernet cable from any of the 4 LAN output ports on the back of the primary AmpliFi router to the blue WAN input port on the back of the wirelessly meshed secondary router (AFi-R).

7. Once the hardwire has been connected, go ahead and toggle on the "Ethernet Backbone".

8. Make sure to save your settings by selecting the check mark at the top right corner.  Once the settings have been saved, allow the router a moment to apply the new settings, then you are all set!

If you encounter any issues when trying to setup ethernet backhaul, please feel free to reach out to our 24/7 chat support team for additional assistance.

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